I’m A Trash Picker

12 Aug

So, as many who know me have recently become aware, I have become slightly addicted to Pinterest. Looking at all the DIY projects and home decor has given me the itch to be domestic. One trend that I’m loving is repurposing old items.

Last night, on the way to worship practice, I passed our neighbor’s house and saw that he had an interesting piece set out by the road for garbage pick up. I made a mental note to myself that I would stop and pick it up on the way home, if it was still there. I was so excited when I came back and saw that no one had picked it up yet! Into the van it went.

Here is my diamond in the rough:


Yes, folks, a ladder. An old, wooden ladder became my inspiration. So, to start, I sanded the entire ladder with a 320 grit sand paper (this is quite tiring on the arm, by the way):

Once the entire ladder was sanded, I set to work with the stain. I wanted a dark wood to match the decor that we have (it’s in storage for now, but still…) so I got a cherry stain:

I just used a cheap paintbrush from Walmart to apply the stain. My reasoning was that I wanted it to keep a used, rustic, old feel so there was no point in trying to make the stain look like it came from Pier 1 or somewhere like that. I was liberal with the stain and did not wipe any off, as I also wanted it to be fairly uneven (to stick with the used, rustic, old feel that I mentioned). Here’s my beauty just after I finished staining:

My next step was to make it appear more “used”. To do this, I splattered ivory acrylic paint on the ladder. I did this by holding a stick in my left hand and running the bristles of the loaded paint brush across the stick, toward the ladder. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the process of me doing that. Here is a close up of the splattered paint right after I did it:

I let the stain set in for about two hours then lightly sanded over the top of the stain and paint to soften the color just a hair. Once that was done, I sat back and admired my finished product. I seriously didn’t stop smiling like a fool for about three minutes. Below are the photos:

Total cost: $9.50 for sand paper, stain, paint, and paintbrushes.
This will, more than likely, go into the living room to be used as a shelf of some sort. The other option I am contemplating is to hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen to hang pots and pans on. I am super excited about my little project and can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s fully dry in the morning!

So, yes, I am officially a trash picker. However, I think, considering the end result, I will gladly accept that title (to a point, anyway).

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