Corn Dog Muffins…yummy!

14 Aug

Wow! What an exhausting couple of days this has been! I am trying to get everything settled and ready for my Peanut’s birthday party on Saturday. Plus, I’ve got this urge to get everything super organized so I’ve been making myself crazy with that. *Deep breath*

So, the other night I decided to try a fun recipe that I found on Pinterest. Yep, good ol’ Pinterest again. I’m calling them Corn Dog Muffins. Here we go:

Mix up a box of Jiffy corn bread mix. Unless, of course, you’re uber domestic and make your own. Perhaps someday I will achieve that level of greatness, but for now I’m good with my boxed stuff. Jiffy mix, one egg and 1/3 cup of milk.

Grease a muffin tin. I used cooking spray. One box of the mix makes nine muffins. I then took three ALL BEEF hot dogs and cut them into thirds. Please, DO NOT subject your children or family members to those nasty, unknown parts hot dogs. But, of course, this is something you must decide on your own. 😉

Once I poured the mix into the pan, I stuck the hot dog pieces into the middle of the goop.

Cook at 325 for 12 minutes. You could probably even get away with 11 minutes because a couple edges were just a teensy bit well done when I took them out. They looked pretty!

Notice how most of the hot dogs ended up leaning a bit…oh well…

I paired the muffins with fries and it was a big hit for my hubby and my big girl.

The next time I make these, I think I’m going to put the hot dog INSIDE the muffin, laying down. It was a little awkward trying to bite down on a hot dog that was standing vertical…Overall, this was a fun, easy meal that was different.

Best moment of the whole process: I sat my Peanut’s plate in front of her and she goes, “A cupcake?!” I said, “No, it’s a muffin”.
“A muffin?”
“And a hot dog?”
“And fries???”
No pause whatsover…”I love it!!!” with her arms thrown up in the air. I love my little girl!

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