My (not so) Brilliant Idea

15 Aug

Ooookay…so, today was a busy day. Adaya and I slept in this morning so that made us late for our usual routine. So, once the chores were done this morning, I got the brilliant idea to get creative. Cue the *dun, dun, dun* music. So, here’s the thing: I have this obsession with magazines. You know those people that you see on Hoarders that have like ten years of magazines and newspapers piled high to the ceiling? *Raises hand* I would just like to say that those people are nutty and I thank God that I am not that bad. Ahh, see, you all thought I was going to say I had stacks of magazines, didn’t you?

So, in my recent organizational fit that’s been going on, my magazines have been driving me crazy. I have them on shelves, but it’s just been getting to me that they aren’t neat and organized. Enter what I am calling The Brilliant Idea That Turned Out To Be My Worst Nightmare…or TBITTOTBMWN, for short. 😀 Ready for a tutorial on how to waste almost an ENTIRE day? Here we go:

It started out with this box:

I looked at it and thought, “Hey, I could just make this a magazine holder”. You see, I was at Target last night and found some super cute magazine holders that would fit perfectly with the theme of the living room that is floating around in my imagination somewhere. However, when I contemplated the $10 price tag PER ITEM, I could not, in good conscience, purchase said magazine holders. Thus, my stroke of “brilliance” this morning.

I have to admit, I originally thought the box was long enough that I could put two rows of magazines inside, making this job MUCH less time consuming. This, however, unfortunately, regrettably, sadly, was not the case. Silly me, I shrugged to myself and said, “No problem, I’ll just cut it down to make a holder for one row of magazines. I really should know better.

So, first, I measured and drew my line to cut:

Note: If you’re going to attempt this project, I would suggest using a fine tipped Sharpie, rather than an ink pen. The finish on the box that gives it that nice glossy look made it very difficult to get the pen on the box.

Then I cut:

Ok, so, notice how the lines do not line up together? This is where the frustration began. The box just fit together on the bottom so it shifted whenever it was moved. Keep this in mind.

My beautiful, cut box. I should have stopped while I was ahead…

I made sure to reenforce the bottom with packing tape. Any kind of strong tape would probably get the job done. I taped until that box wouldn’t budge. As I taped, I held the wandering pieces together to make sure everything lined up. Apparently, this did NOT make the lines of the box straight, just an fyi.

Ok, so now I decided that I needed to put a front on my magazine holder. Ahem…this would be my 739th so called “brilliant” idea of the morning. How to do it? Aha! I still had the piece of the box that I had cut off of my beauty.

So, what did I decide to do? I cut off the closed up end of the leftover piece of box so that I could reattach it to the bigger piece of box. And, looky there, I’m the genius who created a smaller box out of a bigger box!

Couldn’t stop there, could I? I decided I wanted to get all fancy and have easy access to my magazines, just like the ones in the store (silly, right? who wants to actually GET to their magazines?). Sooo, I measured, drew and cut my perrrty lines.

And, presto! My magazine holder!

Erm…one small detail that might not have mattered to anyone else, but it bugged me. I had forgotten to measure the height of my magazines BEFORE I cut my beautiful diagonal lines. There was a good inch and a half of dead, extra space above the magazine. So, you know what’s coming, right? Yep, I had to tweak my design:

I then re-reenforced the bottom (do ya think I wanted the bottom of this bad boy to fall out after all the work I put into it?):

Hooray! I’m done!!! Right? Wrong. You didn’t really think I was going to put a cut up box in my room, all ugly and junk, did you?

Ok, let me point out to you that an hour and a half had passed at this point. Had I known the trauma that was about to ensue, I just may have stuck with ugly cut up box. I decided to use some cute Con-Tact paper that I had recently purchased to cover all the hot mess that was my current reality.

Allow me to take this moment and give all you would be copycats a word of advice (although, I’m sure by this point that you’ve already learned from my mistakes and know better than to try and recreate my madness). Use Con-Tact paper!!!!! Do not use anything that sticks the first time you lay it down. The beauty of Con-Tact paper is that you can stick, un-stick, re-stick, un-stick, re-stick…are you starting to get a feel for how the rest of this project went?

Up to this point, it was going alright…

I will spare all the gory details of the rest of the project. There is not much how-to on this part except that you just wrap the box in the paper…hehe…sure, just wrap it in paper…

Round about this point, I almost gave up:

And this one:

Oh, yeah, aaaaand this one:

All I kept saying to myself throughout the whole process was, “Why do I have to be SUCH a perfectionist?!” If there was even a tiny air pocket between the box and the paper, the whole thing came up and the wrapping process of that piece started over again.

Finally, 9,765,298 hours later, I had my finished product!

Voila! I am artistic! I literally wanted to stab myself in the eye while I was doing the wrapping. Ahh, but here’s the kicker…I have a whole separate pile of magazines staring at me, just waiting for me to find a home for them…I made this holder for about $2 (not including labor, of course), which is quite a steal, compared to $10. I have this horrible feeling that I will be revisiting this project again some time in the too near future…

                 From THIS                                                        To THIS

I need mental help.

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One response to “My (not so) Brilliant Idea

  1. ladybogdan

    August 15, 2012 at 11:23 PM

    Love this idea…only I used cereal boxes modge podge and scrapbook paper


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